Endorsed by the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences™️

The UHSS™️ offers specialized training and certification for those who are interested in becoming an ordained Interfaith Minister.

The Restorative Health Ministerial training program is for the following Individuals:

  1. Mentors
  2. Teachers
  3. Counselors
  4. Life coaches
  5. Energy healers
  6. Spiritual Arts & Science Majors
  7. Martial arts professionals
  8. Yoga professionals
  9. Etc...

Restorative Health Ministries International Inc™️

The individuals who become ordained and chosen by the Divine Creator and empowered by the Restorative Health Ministries International Inc. will enter into divine service, engaging and partaking in Ecclesiastic duties as an interfaith minister. Divinely guided by faith, reason and conscience, love and healing, service shall be provided through teaching, research, counseling, healing and giving comfort.  

As a bearer of this ordination those chosen will be granted rightful authority by the ministry, its global health research trust and the Divine Creator to engage in Spiritual Scientific Care/Counseling Research™️ ️, and to perform divine services as a Minister of Health. 


Be a beacon of light for those is need.

Hands On Healing

Embrace the healing arts.


Help others grow in knowledge.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Is The Restorative Health Ministries International Inc™️ is right for you?

Why are so many people, professionals (and aspiring masters) becoming ordained?

Because most are uniquely qualified to give guidance and counseling to others but just have not found their niche to do so.

The Restorative Health Ministries International Inc™️ has become the new found home for many. Although a vast array of issues impacting people may be diverse and complex, the ultimate solution necessitates that we recognize them, deal with them head on and ultimately conquer them.

All sense of empowerment is being stripped daily. To someone suffering from any type of trauma, this can have devastating effects, exacerbating the injury. As attuned ministers of spiritual sciences and arts you will be in a position to help others overcome these crippling emotions, allowing them to walk through a portal of hope accessing increased faith and hope in order to begin the process which will help all of us live life with greater dignity and courage. Our ministers are uniquely trained and positioned to help impart this attitude in those who come to us seeking help and guidance. We have intuitively learned how to conquer our own inner demons and have the blessings and privilege with the right training to help other do the same. Our mission is to give such dedicated individuals the advanced training so that they can help others regain the necessary tools to deal with life’s complex challenges.