Spiritually-Based Careers

As a graduate of the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences you will have the opportunity to benefit from a number of rewarding career paths.

Whether it be establishing and operating your own healing center or working in a clinical capacity, the education you receive from the UHSS™️ can provide the tools that allow you to legitimately earn a living, enhance the lives of others and promote the highest good for all.

Some of the professional careers our graduates have pursued are...

  • Teaching and Lecturing. Many UHSS™️ graduates have found a passion for sharing the ancient wisdom of healing in the educational sector.
  • Private care and counseling. You may choose to open your own spiritual healing center where you offer care and counseling to those in need.
  • Energy work. UHSS™️ graduates may choose to use energy work as part of a natural healing modality to assist those who are suffering from illness, disease and imbalances. Energy workers enjoy the use of administering hot stones, crystals, essential oils, cupping, Reiki etc.. Your degree from the UHSS™️ will open the door for you to heal with intention.
  • Research: UHSS™️ graduates have been called on to conduct research in industries such as healthcare, spiritual arts and sciences, herbs, botanical medicine & food.
  • Healthcare industry: As a graduated of the UHSS™️ , you may choose to apply for positions in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. There is an ever-present and growing need for these services and these positions will be in high demand in the coming years.
  • Mentorship: The UHSS™️ frequently looks toward alumni to mentor and guide our growing student body. If you feel you would like to be part of the UHSS™️ faculty, please contact us. Our mentorship model for those who choose to pursue this avenue will have ample opportunity for monetary reward.