About The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences

Our mission is the creation of a spiritually-based global educational community focused on wellness and wholeness guided by faith, reason and conscience. It springs from a shared spiritual experience which fosters a free, unhindered and responsible search for truth. There is, in this, an integration of the spiritual, scientific, and philosophical equations from many cultures and systems. Our mission acknowledges and incorporates the worth and dignity of every person living on our planet – from the poorest to the most affluent – and validates the responsibility we have to honor and respect the rights, welfare and choices of others.

Therefore, it must be applicable to all people living in all parts of the world for all of time to come. We have been chosen for this path to enrich the global human community on its evolutionary journey toward wellness and wholeness – on the mind, on the spirit, and on the body levels. We are at a critical juncture where it is needed now more than ever. Through our teaching, the world community will experience a blossoming of opportunities to learn and become aware of choices which are available to it. These choices will help to impart a greater degree of wellness and wholeness for all involved. The wisdom of our spiritual community of wellness and wholeness needs to be made available to all of humanity. It is an inescapable truth that our web of existence is woven by the thread of interconnectedness, interrelatedness and interdependence. The suffering of one can and will lead to the suffering of others, even where there appears to be no tangible connection. However one chooses to look at it, it is indeed on a cosmic level a shared experience, potentially both good and bad. We embrace the celebration of the diversity of the human spirit and thus promote, through the spiritual guidance of our teacher guides and masters, research and validation of the experience which has been, and continues to be made, available to us through sacred texts, scriptures, science, music, arts, and words of spiritual sages who have brought the wisdom to humanity. This is our mutual journey.