Ongoing Research

We are a research-based university and as such, we are proud to be actively involved in ongoing global research projects. These are intended to produce valuable data and outcomes that will be used to improve the health and welfare of people around the world. Some of our notable ongoing research studies include:


Herbozone™️ Research Institute

Oxygen therapies, including ozone therapy, have been used in research and therapy globally for over 100 years. The combination of these therapies with plant-based adjuncts have a demonstrated success record in the world of healing. We actively research different methodologies using various combinations. The Herbozone™️ Research Institute is engaged in research in this arena. We study the effectiveness of our unique combination of oxygen therapy with specialized, naturally-occurring salts to optimize the eradication of microbial vectors across a variety of ailments, and also the effectiveness of these in the elimination of root causes of health challenges.

This technique has been developed by and is currently used by Dr. Bill Akpinar. It has demonstrated a high degree of effectiveness in addressing many health challenges.


The Acustem Research Institute includes investigation and research into methodologies involving the union of Chinese Medicine and cell therapies.

Applications are used to address and potentially show benefit in resolving global health imbalances, which are currently undergoing investigational research.

Native American and Indigenous Nations Spiritual Health and Welfare research institute.

As part of our Native American Nations Joint Property Treaty Trust Research Institute, UHSS is involved in ongoing research related to spiritual-based healing practices used for millennia throughout the world.

Among our noted principal founders are members and medicine men of Native American (a.k.a. American Indian) tribes. In this institute of our university, we place a high degree of emphasis on researching, investigating and working with various spiritually-based methodologies, protocols and healing ceremonies used in Native American and other indigenous cultures.

Our goal is to help keep these alive for future generations in order to guarantee their perpetuity. Because of our dedication and mission to help indigenous peoples around the world, we offer full study scholarships to members of Native American and other indigenous tribes who have a sincere desire and dedication to become part of our university. There are many beneficial components of indigenous spiritual traditions that can benefit the rest of humanity. 


ProloVive™️ Private Research Institute:

Cell therapies offer great promise to help address modern-day health afflictions. Cell therapies, in their many different forms and applications, are currently under investigation in this part of our university. 

Light Genomics™️

Light Genomics Research Institute:

There are endless references to light in scripture as well as knowledge passed down by sages in history, and rightfully so. Light is referenced in spiritual belief and practice systems and is an incredible tool to help address health afflictions.

Currently, we are investigating different applications of light to the healing model.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Research Institute:

Research related to the emerging and exciting field of Regenerative Medicine is currently being undertaken. A powerful component of spirituality is inherent in Regenerative Medicine and studies in this area will be of benefit to address the many health challenges humanity faces today.

Spiritual Scientific Care/Counseling™️

Spiritual Scientific Care/Counseling Research™️ Institute

Spiritual Scientific Care/Counseling Research™️ is a proprietary method whereby the foundations presented to us through various scriptures, traditions of the world and through the writings of sages and holy men and women are systematically studied so they may be made available for use by the global community of humanity. Our purpose is to assess and disseminate these truths. Use of all modern tools of technology will be used in this specialized form of beneficial research.