Frequently Asked Questions

Are all classes conducted online?

Yes, we offer 100% full online degree and certificate programs?

Are classes conducted via zoom?

All class lectures and assignments are prerecorded and available 24/7 online. In addition, a mentor is available weekly to discuss various topics which pertain to the courses offered.

Why is Spiritual- Scientific research a cornerstone of our institution? Since we are a spiritual scientific research institution, we emphasize the point that the study of practices, traditions and issues related to the spiritual dimension can be just as systematic and logical as that of the purely physical world. They are quantifiable and with the right training, reputable. It has been estimated by many highly evolved sages that up to 80% of all root problems in life are a result of disruption of a person’s spiritual foundation; therefore, spiritual based solutions are essential to their elimination. Spiritual scientific research is the means to this end. Without it, humanity will be stuck in the dark ages of ignorance. Spiritual-scientific research has significant advantages over traditional “scientific” research. Since there is a Divine foundation guiding the utilization and development of sacred tools, ego is reduced (i.e. “I invented” or “I discovered” something or another), hence, answers come from the Divine, in a manner most spiritually beneficial to humankind. Our talents are more effectively utilized, since all outcomes are sought for the Highest Good. Time and money is also saved since on our journey intuitional tools are developed and, of course, harmful research is avoided. Violation of personal information and data is avoided since the research is conducted in line with the principles of Divine Wisdom and for the Highest Good. In traditional scientific and medical research, confidentiality and data is an extremely delicate issue and we see violation taking place on a daily basis despite rules and regulations which have been created to purportedly safeguard. Even the sacred Hippocratic Oath is induced and coerced to be violated by third parties on an ongoing basis.

As a graduate of the UHSS™, we will be functioning in the capacity of conducting research in the health and spiritual sciences field and using the findings for the betterment of humanity. The tools of modern sciences are self evident and involve knowledge gained from the use of our five senses and are seen as tangible results. Theorems, theories and “truths” in modern sciences need to be re-evaluated, revised, reformatted and improvised when just one exception refutes the truth. In spiritual-science research, a high level of emphasis is placed on our super-conscious, or Divine mind, and use of subtle intellect the perceptional spiritual dimension to investigate and validate timeless, absolute and eternal truths. These will never change. We feel that it should be possible to utilize all tools available to us. The time (4th dimension) and space (considered by many to be the 5th dimension) can readily be accessed with development of spiritual tools such as intuition, clairvoyance, ESP, divine guidance, etc. There is no reason that these higher dimensional tools cannot be integrated with those used in the classic sciences, (that is those that function exclusively in there closely recognized dimensions) to enhance the ethical integrity of research done in these dimensions. After all, the Oxford dictionary indicates that science, or the systematic study and structure of the physical and natural world comes from the Latin word “scientia” and from “scire” which means to “know”. The spiritual experience has been described as all elements beyond the boundary of the five senses, mind and intellect. Therefore, truth then can be gained from the combination of the two and one can live with the definition truly experience what it means to “know”. This is why we place such a high emphasis on the teaching and assimilation of mind/body/spirit development and utilize its principles in our spiritual scientific foundation. This development is naturally and integral part of the training we review at the UHSS™.

Is my education individualized? We recognize that each and every person has specific interests, needs, and goals for post-graduate service. For this reason, an individualized, customized course of study in the individual area of interest will be prepared and periodically reviewed by the individual’s mentor. Examples of areas of interest may include music therapy, substance abuse, pain management, working with physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged, infants and children, homeopathic or nutritional healing, vibrational frequency healing, hospice work and many others. Program assignment will be based on an essay written initially to indicate areas of interest, why the area is so critical to the student and contemplated means of integration. Candidates must take a designated course of core study from each of the three colleges in the university and present a discourse involving the integration of their specific areas of interest. In other words, the UHSS™ student will become familiar with each subject chosen for study in a particular college (e.g. Vibrational Medicine in the College of Integrative Medicine, The Tao of Physics in the Universal College of New Zen) and how it applies and can be practically integrated into their particular area of interest. This will be reflected in a substantive essay of several pages that reflects the knowledge, familiarity and integration of the subject matter.

The practical, or clinical, part of the study will involve completing field work related to the area of doctoral research. This will be no less than 500 hours of approved internship. Evaluation forms will be filled out by the mentor(s) supervising the candidate. Examples of acceptable clinical internship may include a substance abuse program, a center for the developmentally challenged, a church or institution serving the poor, community health projects, a hospice, local or overseas health related missionary work, work with a Native American, indigenous, aboriginal organizations, etc. Upon completion of the designated assignments from each of the areas, a graduation thesis, which is in effect an approved doctoral thesis of 40-50 pages, will be prepared and defended before members of the Doctoral Committee.

As a part of the thesis, a model project will be designed which will be possible to implement and run successfully. Successful completion of all requirements will allow the use of the privileged designation, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Minister of Health.

What are the benefits of becoming a “Doctor of Natural & Spiritual Medicine, Minister of Health”? As a “Doctor of Naturopathic & Spiritual Medicine, Minister of Health” you will open new doors to create planetary healing following your passion and purpose. You will work in the Quantum at the highest frequencies of your spiritual being to fashion healing in a universal wholeness model. You will experience the spiritual and scientific connection that is formed within a global community of like-minded individuals who share the path on a continual and evolutionary pilgrimage of personal, spiritual and scientific evolution. Spiritual wisdom and healing will be your gifts to receive and share. Many who choose this new path will use it to enhance an already successful practice in an area of health care. Others will answer a call– a sacred appointment –to create a new platform for their Divine participation in the transformation of worldwide healthcare. Each and every person’s spiritual experiences will be different.

There are as many paths to connect with the Divine Energies as there are people. Each individual is different and what works for one person may not work for the other. Similarity, ten different persons suffering from what appears to be the same ailment, with identical symptoms will not respond the same way to the same remedy. Ones issues may have deep emotional roots, while another’s, a spiritual foundational source. Yet, another’s may be purely physical and others may have a varied mix of issues and so forth.

No matter how we look at it, promoting and protecting health and wellness is a business in today’s world, and a rapidly expanding one at that. The crisis of health care today is a result of private and other organizational systems in the “industry of medicine” and “delivery of health care” treating it as a business model first and foremost. The human factors are often overlooked or ignored in the workings of this purely commercial model. The needs of the recipients are molded into a workable equation to conform to the model. Calculating euphemisms such as “quality of care,” “utilization review,” “standard of care” and “scientifically accepted principles of care” are carefully and painstakingly designed to ensure smooth operation of the machinery of the business while making it palatable to its clients, policy holders, or patients. Therefore, the machinery is built on the premise of accepted “facts” and “truths”. Breaking these down, analyzing them (not unlike the physical components of an anatomy lesson seen in the medical schools) and rebuilding them makes the true seeker realize that there is more to the puzzle and reality of the equation than the parts themselves. That aside from the accepted “standards”, we are living in a static world and that the most important elements related to our existence, wellness equations and ultimately survival is movement, flow and change. This has been clearly defined and dictated in Eastern philosophies. Yet, this reality change of accepted truths and principles, whether we chose to embrace it or not, can be threatening to even the most colossal intellects. We have been assured that there are “fundamental truths”, “Laws of Science”, “firm foundations”, “fundamental principles” but when examined in light of recently accepted quantum principles can distress and unsettle even the most hardcore scientist. In his autobiography, referring to quantum physics, or the controversial science that later became the new science, Albert Einstein wrote “it was as if the ground had been pulled out from under me, with no firm foundation to be seen anywhere, or upon which one could have been built”. A good starting point for this journey then is perhaps exploration of what has been termed fundamental divine truths and principles. What is missing in our existing model or perhaps has been lost somewhere along the way is the spirituality connected to the primary endeavor – health and wellness. When embraced, studied and integrated properly into the new model, the physical, emotional and spiritual rewards flow. The infinite abundance and unfailing supply in the universe is our due. Success is experienced under grace and ease in the most perfect, miraculous ways at unprecedented levels because we address the spiritual and emotional needs of the most vital components of the system- the needs of the individuals it is supposed to address. Experiencing “the journey” and learning to live in accordance to “The Way” will make this possible. This is an integral part of our journey.

When priorities are aligned in Divine Order, when wholeness, oneness and integration are embraced, when care and compassion are the foundational philosophies, then all success is not only possible but divinely assured. Abundance flows from Divine Creation of the Universal Source, Divine Love. This is the new model. Health Caring for all Divine Beings having a human experience on planet earth right now. Right path brings the reward of abundance.

At the other end of the health and wellness spectrum, some of the most highly developed and spiritually-attuned persons often lack the practical knowledge, tools and wisdom to integrate successfully their spiritual, health and wellness practices into a workable business model. Doing so will facilitate a higher level of material reward, along with personal satisfaction, allowing them to effectively become successful “spiritual business people.” We live not only in a spiritual, but also a material world necessitating the satisfaction of our material needs so that we can evolve to higher levels of spirituality and service. Some claim that living comfortably will detract from spirituality. On the contrary, spiritual growth is not necessarily dependent on material deprivation. Restriction and lack of abundance will often detract from the journey if not remedied at some point in time. In fact, many of our prayers focus on strength and protection which are survival based themes, relating to a person’s root or core needs first, and then to ones spiritual needs. There should never be any guilt or shame related to success – on any level. In fact, when success has been achieved on a sound spiritual foundation there should be no reason for lack of celebration. The limiting view that there is a progressively growing danger of scarcity in our world will be replaced with a global vision and realization of the reality of endless abundance, when we begin to embrace this belief, and ability to harness principles to unleash this abundance. The social Darwinian paradigm of the need for a winner and loser, victor and vanquisher will very shortly need to be put aside. The view held over the last several hundred years that there must be a competitive struggle for existence and that we can only grow through material acquisitions achieved via economics and technical growths will gradually become modified. This will take place as more and more individuals realize their spiritual connections to the cosmos as a whole and embrace the ecological significance and material rewards as such.

With the right tools and mind set, every person, from the highest level of spirituality to those who are less devoted, should and will have the right and opportunity to share in this abundance. Material wealth will allow a spiritually-attuned person with dedicated resolve to bring wellness and wholeness to him or herself and to the rest of humanity with greatly lessened burdens of restriction and limitation. It is our intention to make available for all who partake in this journey each and every tool which will facilitate success on all levels. Each and every person is entitled to an endless abundance of not only inner wealth on the soul and spirit level, but an equal if not greater degree of material wealth. The new paradigm, emerging in the sciences and business world will gradually embrace and be in harmony with spiritual traditions. Just as we don’t place limits on our spirituality, it is important not to place restrictions on our material worth. With wealth, on all levels, we simply can do a lot more. A Master financial freedom trainer wrote “The mark of true wealth is determined by how much one can give away.” Just as we train the spirit, we train the mind; since how we do anything is how we do everything. Remember, health, happiness and successes are your birthright. With the right mindset, right training, and right tools, there simply is no reason for poverty of the mind, body, and spirit or material realm. Such a poverty mentality is simply limiting and will ultimately hinder growth. Total abundance, attained in accordance with “The Way,” is also a cornerstone of our journey. That being said, there will be many who use the fruits of their education to establish, under a spiritually sovereign, protected umbrella, a ministry and engage in a practice promoting mind/body/spirit wellness to clients and or patients within its sacred boundaries. Others will use the degree, experience, and knowledge for further personal evolution and growth in the path of spiritual wellness counseling. There is ample opportunity for one to minister locally as well as in areas of great need globally. New challenges are manifesting virtually on a daily basis throughout our world and there is no shortage of work to be done. If we envision a day when that work is done, we will be gathered at the celebration of universal health and wellness – what a great day.

Many will use the sanctuary of their ministry to not only counsel and create global wellness in persons they provide care for, but to train others as well. All will use the degree, wisdom and spiritual privilege to embark on spiritual-scientific research within the framework of our Institutional Review Board (IRB). All graduates will work within the framework of the U.H.S.S institutional review board.

What are the Requirements for Graduation? A candidate wishing to be legitimately addressed as a doctor must demonstrate the highest degree of integrity, dedication and willingness to serve the global community of humanity. Since ministerial lessons and ordination is a cornerstone of the UHSS™, a candidate will need to qualify for provisional ordination prior to graduation and complete a 3-year probationary period. The time-flexible course leading to ordination may vary from individual to individual, but will need to be completed prior to graduation. Naturally, all other criteria for completion of a student’s individualized program must be satisfied. For a person wishing to legitimately be called minister, and remain in good standing as such, there must always be adherence to the legal and spiritual laws of such and by following the Bylaws of the UHSS™. This must be demonstrated throughout the course of study as well as any post-degree application or practice in order to maintain ministerial privileges and the rights inherent. Since we are spiritual-scientific research institution, all work performed by the graduate must be done in this capacity on a continuing basis.

In our society and many other societies around the world, laws are built on the foundation of spiritual law (e.g. the phrase “In God we Trust” is seen on our currency as well as in every courtroom in the U.S.A.). As a legitimately ordained minister, you will engender and be worthy of trust, privilege and protection –you are in Service to the Universal Source. Established laws are in place to protect this trust and privilege. After a candidate graduates, assuming strict adherence to the legal and ethical provisions of the UHSS™ ,this will always travel with him or her, and the Divine Will, embodying the Divine Truth, will be used for the Highest Good, transcending time and space.

What are the Admission Requirements? We acknowledge that persons seeking to fulfill a dream of earning the “Doctor of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine” come from many different backgrounds including the sciences, health professions, spiritual work and even from totally unrelated areas. A Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree is a cornerstone upon which this educational and evolutionary process is built. Nevertheless, we realize that each person has a different background and that no two persons are ever identical in training, credentials and life experience. Long established, historically recognized institutions of higher learning are even beginning to recognize that an individual may change careers many times in life, undergo personal change and evolution of their interests and needs at different phases of their lives. “The only thing that is absolute in life is change” concept put forth by Sophocles may be equally applicable to the extent that one day, perhaps; “non-traditional” may well be the only traditional means of obtaining such a degree. Therefore the concept of “traditional” like all else in our lives and in our world is changing as the I-Ching suggests, on a minute-to-minute, day-to-day basis. A more non-traditional evolutionary approach is necessary to accommodate those who have an abundance of life experience, sincere motivation, and desire to serve the global community and make a meaningful contribution. We offer a beacon of light to make this possible. Therefore, where applicable, all aspects of an individual’s accomplishments, life experience, and academic achievements will be considered. While we provide great latitude as to these elements of an applicant we are also highly selective regarding potential students integrity, moral and spiritual commitment to wanting to be part of our community. An individualized, personalized program will be prepared to bring the applicant to a position whereby they become a candidate for successful matriculation into the program. A significant degree of latitude for life experience gained outside formal degree programs will be strongly considered and weighed heavily.

The committee members chosen to mentor a candidate will become personally acquainted with their mentee and customize a course of study which will fulfill the desires, interests and needs of that individual. Our world is comprised of a diverse body of individuals with unique academic, practical and spiritual gifts, needs and interests. Our school is a microcosm of this global community and its student body will reflect and acknowledge this quality.