Message from our founder

Our goal is enlightenment. On our journey, the path or “the way” entails a process of researching, assimilating, integrating and disseminating wisdom from the masters. It can also be called wisdom from The Source. It is an infinite journey with no beginning or end. Like time, it is shapeless, formless and limitless. Who are the masters?They are the wise men and women, sages, who throughout history via their sacred teachings, scriptures and practices are responsible for bringing us the wisdom from the Universal Source. There is only one Source. The masters have existed throughout history and walk among us today. We simply need to learn where and how to look.

The masters are divinely ordained, attuned entities who have given humanity the foundational wisdom for health, spirituality and life. They have succeeded in penetrating the envelope of darkness, transcending the limitations of time, faith, and mind to bring Light to humanity.Among them walk Shamans, Indigenous Medicine Men, Zen practitioners, Shaolin Priests, Sufi Masters, Kabalists, Christian Mystics, Taoist Priests, Buddhist Monks, Hindu Sages, Sikh Masters, Baha’i Priests, Zoroastrian Ministers, and hosts of other spiritually-attuned entities. Some are purely spiritual or religious figures ordained with disseminating the wisdom. They are well known, historically acknowledged spiritual sages such as Abraham, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, and many others. Others were great persons of science who endured tremendous persecution and suffering, often having lost everything dear to them, but steadfastly persevered in their scientific and spiritual quest for knowledge to revolutionize the ways of thinking and change the standard of belief and practice in their ordained paths. Their impact on humanity is unquestionable. Some shining examples are: Galileo, Newton, Pasteur, Harvey, and Madam Curie. History has shown that most scientific, spiritual and scientifically attuned spiritual guides are acknowledged only after their corporeal existence on our earth has passed. They are all worthy of acknowledgement.They are all conduits, ordained stepping stones, to the life and health enhancing wisdom they offer us. These masters have given us the foundation for our scientific journey of which we have taken merely “the first few steps” of a thousand-mile pilgrimage, as described by Lao Tzu, credited with the founding of Taoism. We belong to a community of spiritually-attuned scientists, and divinely ordained healers empowered by Spirit to bring wellness to humanity. Our mission is to utilize the ever-evolving tools of progress known as the “Scientific Method” along with “Spiritual-Scientific Method” to validate these practices, establishing which of those are most beneficial and passing them on to others to use and teach, so they can become incorporated into our civilization and become a valid practice.Regardless of the religion or spirituality of origin, all such wisdom is valid and good. Mystic Asoka (304-22BC, India) stated whoever praises his own religion because of his excessive devotion and condemns others with the thought “let me glorify my religion” only harms his own religion and contact between religions. One should respect doctrines professed by others. The same applies to those who seek to disseminate scientific wisdom for the betterment of the world.

This wisdom must address the issues of humanity, since we are all One, using shared breath of the universe and recycling matter between one another (“ashes to ashes, dust to dust”). We all can suffer, or have the potential to suffer, from the same afflictions. We are all part of an evolutionary process. It is best to make this a learning and healing process. Through our journey, we explore the fundamental truths basic to all healing and wellness – love and compassion. The 14th Dali Lama, Tibet, stated, “…love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”He adds, “Peace in the sense of absence of war is of little value to someone who is dying of hunger or cold.”It will not remove the pain of torture. “Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where people are fed and where individuals and nations are free.” Therefore, at the very core of our goal is the creation of peace – in our hearts, and in our souls; the elimination of inner conflict and turmoil – termed by some as “cancer of the soul.”Peace is a prerequisite for health and wellness. It is an end product, or perhaps byproduct, of a global journey on the road of wellness and wholeness.

One example of many which we analyze and utilize is the scientific-spiritual model of conductance, inductance and capacitance referred to as the “tri-vector” model. To underscore the concept of old-turned-new; this high-tech model was originally put forth by ancient Chinese sages, using the wisdom and spirituality of the time, thousands of years ago as the spiritual health representation of Qing (life essence), Shen (spirit) and Qi (life force), and its principles are still valid today. The only difference is that they have had the benefit of being incorporated into a high-tech model. This is but one small example illustrating our continual evolutionary journey. We have been ordained to simply validate these concepts through use of scientific technology which has evolved over the ages and only recently has become available to us. It is our calling and responsibility to use it to benefit human kind. Through the use of these tools, we can achieve a tangible goal of peace on earth. The creation of peace is one of the most valued expressions of love and compassion by the human spirit. This can manifest when there is a willingness, a belief in its worth and conviction that it is indeed possible. World peace can be attained once we have inner peace – on the mind, body and spirit levels – and this becomes manifested in numbers which will ultimately bring on a tipping point. This is at the core of global enlightenment.

Our approach to health and wellness is unique, since we are the first spiritually-based institution to incorporate and utilize the ever changing tools and technology of scientific progress into practice including the foundations of Quantum physics and vibrational energy principles. We are “travelers” on the spiritual-scientific cosmic journey and seek to provide scientific validation for practices which benefit mind/body/spirit/harmony. In short, we go back to the basics. We are a scientifically founded, spiritually grounded institution of higher learning in the area of health sciences created at a time of greatest need for humanity. Along with marked periods of endless conflict which has been a hallmark of civilization as we know it, it is undeniable and sometimes unbelievable that we are becoming blessed with a progressively rising level of vibrational frequency throughout the world. Yet, there is a multitude of issues and challenges which are not effectively addressed by the present health care system as a result of “too much science” (man made) without the integration of the spiritual component (divinely created). Science and spirituality, the natural and supernatural, must be coexistent partners in the wellness equation. Conversely, spirituality is often reduced to mere personal experience or belief if we do not frame it, even if loosely, in some form of “scientific method,” that serves to replicate and duplicate. When belief is based on faith, and faith is based on time-tested (spiritual/scientific validation) practice, the practical validation of belief then becomes reinforced through and strengthened with the passage of time. The fourth century monk St. Augustine said, “I believe, therefore, I understand.” Spirituality is an experience. Religion is a faith-based system of practice incorporating the concept of spirituality which includes reciting, meditating, chanting, singing, praying and other rituals to show a devotion to a spiritually-based system via such rituals. One does not need to be religious to be spiritual. They are separate, but together can serve an important purpose. The ancients called religion an experience which “bonds” the individual to faith, beliefs, books, and scriptures. This is achieved and reaffirmed by practices of faith. It is important to consider a practical fact here – if the practice did not serve a practical means, it would have been discarded and not utilized. (Science has many parallels.)It is a means of bringing divinely gifted supernatural wisdom to the natural world through teaching of masters and their scriptures. Regardless of whether they have been passed down orally or given to us via scripture, the wisdom is all from the same Source and thus all good. At the root of it all is health wisdom. This is the basic prerequisite for healthy living and for wellness which in effect helps us to evolve to higher levels of existence on all planes and in all dimensions. Just as there is now a consensus in the medical community of a mind/spirit/ body connection, many scientist and researchers are beginning to accept that an unhealthy body, plagued by constant metabolic imbalance, poorly functioning immune system and a disease promoting state called “inflammation,” will affect the emotional and spiritual harmony of a person as well. It has been said that health is wealth – on all levels. Without it, all else becomes meaningless.

It is our belief and conviction that all time-tested practices should be evaluated, researched and ultimately validated.We utilize the time honored adage “trust, but verify.” A basic tenet of Zen, just one of many spiritual practices in the world today, dictates that we use great questioning, which will, even if in a roundabout way, lead to the great answers, and ultimately to faith and great courage upon which to act once we have found those answers.Just as Shamanic, Native American, Aboriginal, original Buddhist and Taoist and some other forms of wisdom are said to have been passed down through oral tradition, the teachings of the Islamic and Judeo-Christian era spiritualities are said to have been given to humanity via the written word or scriptures. Sadly enough, as science has evolved, spirituality, which has often been regarded a cornerstone of many religious practices, has often been neglected and even discarded.Some scientists even consider science to be the “new religion.” Yet, science is actually an extension, a manifestation, a product of spirituality – and “man-made” – an attempt to explain why we exist, why we hurt, why we get sick and even why we die. Without the effective integration of the laws of spirituality (which are divinely originated in contrast), it often falls short. Thus, science has managed to ridicule, negate and refute some essential truths, merely because it was unable to “validate” them in the two dimensional or Newtonian model upon which is based the so called“scientific method” – what we can’t see or validate, really cannot exist. Refer to the “I think, therefore, I am” postulate. Although this will always have some validity, it still falls short of a complete explanation of existence. This is where, once again, faith enters into the equation. Faith begins where science ends. Science and spirituality must be coexistent partners in the wellness equation.

The critical bridge between the mind/body/spirit equations is the emotional component, sometimes referred to as the fourth vector. Lack of harmony in the three variables will create emotional imbalance and a tendency toward un-wellness or ‘dis-ease’, often produced by disharmony in the faith equation. This is multiplying globally on a level never seen before. Yet, spiritual mystics have prognosticated that with the right spiritual mindset and with a progressively heightening global vibrational frequency, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to create a period of lasting world peace, health, harmony and wellness for a greatly extended period of time– that there is a cure for afflictions affecting the collective family referred to as humanity. Thus, “The One Cure” for the growing body of diseases which plague humanity comes as directly bestowed from “The One,” or Divine entity.The time is now right to tap into this Divine wisdom. The ancient wisdom given to humanity has been built upon the incorporation of scientific principles of its time, but since the wisdom is from a Divine Source, and thus timeless and ageless, our consciousness, “scientific” wisdom and technology are expanding to a level of development, which now more than ever allows us to utilize the exceptional tools with the potential to unlock secrets by learning to investigate, assimilate and integrate these spiritual foundations into our practice.Undoubtedly, sound technology must be incorporated into the current and future health and wellness equation. Our goal is, therefore, to create a maximum degree of wellness for those living in our world. In order to do this, we must be able to differentiate between less efficient technologies constantly bombarding us and challenging our intellects, discerning between what is most useful and what is not and incorporating the useful into our journey. This process, like everything else in our universe, is in a constant state of evolution and change. We must learn to use what is good and discard what is not. We investigate and utilize technology to the extent that it becomes an extension – a present-day vehicle to apply and utilize spiritual health and wellness doctrines and practices gifted to us via the Masters in our interfaith wellness model. It is simply a medium allowing us to apply science-based spiritual practices.

According to what is considered by many experts to be the oldest book of mathematical probabilities, the I-Ching, along with the wisdom of noted Greek philosophers such as Sophocles, all things are subject to change, minute by minute, day by day.The same is true for issues related to our health and existence on an ongoing basis.Great thinkers are always challenging and questioning what has been termed “the standard” or status quo of their time – past and present.In the world of health care this is commonly referred to as “the standard of care.” Just as some of yesterday’s ideas and practices are looked upon as barbaric by today’s standards, there is a great probability that entities which promulgate the cut, burn and poison approach to various health challenges today, will eventually have to re-evaluate the tight grip on a fear-and-profit-based model, which according to many current scientists is at best antiquated. Like the great “I-Ching,” our journey reflects and incorporates the laws of change and the constant evolution which must accompany them.This is our only constant – the variable of change – and it is integrated into the scientific metaphysical cosmic wave enveloping our universe. Our teachings must be able to serve all on some level and not just the select few spiritualists or scientists who claim to hold the select key. We acknowledge that there is no one system of spirituality or science that addresses all of the needs of all of the people all of the time. We refute the paradigm of an elite hierarchy where certain “privileged” self-appointed individuals are the only key – your stepping stone to “the kingdom.” In reality, each of us is a Divine Key ready to unlock the great secrets.

We seek to address the issues common to all, since essentially they all have the potential to become our own issues, inflicting upon us much pain and suffering in turn. Lao Tzu, stated, “Wise men take the needs of all the people as their own. They are good to the good, but they are also good to those still absorbed in their own needs.”This can be achieved universally when enlightenment is attained by a progressively growing number of individuals on our planet. Enlightenment has been referred to in many different cultures in myriad ways. At its core is the highest level of consciousness, spiritual bliss, infinite knowledge and perception – a transcendence of phenomenal being which elevates us and frees us from the limitation and suffering of worldly existence. Enlightenment, in effect, is the absence of illusion and, thus, delusion as well. An enlightened being is aware of Universal Truth, and has not only self-awareness but Universal Awareness. He or she becomes free from the dark veil of deception, having gained the ability to lift it with the infinite power of the Light of intuition and awareness. On a scientific plane, we become en-light-ened by the harmonious integration and communication of all atoms, molecules, DNA, cells and billions of other components of our body interacting, interfacing and communicating with one another via released packages of light (bio-photons). This brings us to the highest level of harmonious function on the spiritual, emotional, physical and all other planes and dimensions. We become enveloped by light. This is visible to select open individuals. We resonate with the healthy frequencies of harmonized light, illuminating our energy centers, called chakras by eastern sages. We become enlightened. Through our mutual journey, we thus investigate all pathways to and phenomena associated with our ascendancy to this state. We are moving towards a day when there will be a tipping point, a paradigm shift when the critical mass of spiritually-attuned persons experience this and help realize this Divine Right for ALL.

Through enlightenment, we begin to use the mind’s eye to see the unseen, to know the unknowable and feel what has been described as being outside the realm of human experience. Our scientific tools, while vitally important, are still mere adjuncts at the end of the day. They remain as facilitating devices which make our journey more exacting, productive and fruitful in our three-dimensional world. Yet we must still be able to function without these if and when the occasion arises. The greatest facilitator is the attuned and evolved human spirit. Let us use it wisely on our collective journey and remember, more than anything, it is a journey not a destination, one which will be more certain to help bring transformation to ourselves and to our planet. This is our mutual journey. May peace and happiness be your everlasting companions on your journey.

Live well and prosper. Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done