College of the Spirit

(School of Metaphysics and Spirituality)

"Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we, with our modest powers, must feel humble."

-Albert Einstein-

This college focuses on issues related to our connection to the universe and to the divine. It is essential for the spiritual scientist to gain a working knowledge of the different religions and spiritual practices around the world. As such, it is important that we make this study part of our own wellness journey.

Since we are not a theological college per se, this study focuses on cultural, social and practical health issues related to belief systems. More important to us is the spiritual basis of accepted and non-mainstream practices related to mind/body/spirit harmony, how they relate to our existence and how we use the abundance of available tools to validate and illuminate aspects of these that are good for the global community.

Spirituality concerns itself with, of course, the spirit. Health in the realm of the spirit allows one to access a higher level of spirituality. Spirituality relates to our inner or true nature, and its relationship with the Divine. It embodies our path, our practice and the divine nature of our existence in contrast to the purely material world.

While both spirituality and religion generally embrace the concept of God or some form of creative, organizing entity, we must realize that one does not necessarily need to be religious to be spiritual. While the concept of spirituality is often woven into religion, spirituality focuses on the premise that we are free to choose our own path to God, that God is within, made of unconditional love and that each of us is unique and has been given all the necessary tools, instincts and wisdom.

Spirituality embodies love, faith and hope. Spirituality is often at odds with science since science has not been able to “measure” and validate the spiritual experience using the “scientific method.”

Both metaphysics and spirituality are essential components of the wellness and wholeness equation. They yield measurable results. “Miraculous” healings related to prayer can no longer be ignored. Ancient sages viewed disease as a variable of the disruption of the human spirit or, the body's life-force energy. To the uninitiated this connection may seem obscure, but mystical practices may indeed hold the key to understanding why people become ill and may show us ways to help regain health.

While traditional "healing" systems attempt to “fix” abnormal bio-mechanisms with drugs and surgery the enduring wisdom of healing acknowledges that different forms and frequencies of energy are indeed effective in helping one regain health. These become evident when one becomes immersed in spiritual study. One realizes that the highest manifestation embodies the highest frequencies.

Love and light are not as separate from “scientific principles" as we may think. This should not be surprising since we have been described as by ancient masters as "beings of light" It has been shown that cells, tissues and organs communicate with each other via packets of light termed Bio-Photons. Bio- Photonics and Opto-Photonics and patch medicine™️ are emerging fields related to light.

Light is so important and serves as a cornerstone of our philosophy at the UHSS. For this reason we created and our logo: “Bringing Light to Enlightenment."

Metaphysics and mysticism are ingrained in spirituality. These are branches that investigate principles of reality and existence that transcend science. The word metaphysics literally means “that which is beyond, above or transcends physics” (Meta = after in Greek). Physics refers to the science of matter and is the oldest science describing the way the natural world works. Metaphysics focuses on explaining the nature of existence and the world. How we fit into it is of course the area of great interest and has produced endless volumes of work worldwide by great thinkers who have merely scratched the doors of wisdom.

Traditionally, metaphysics is related to the study of cosmology (a quantitative study of the universe and our place in it) and ontology (the study of being or existence). A sound knowledge of these sciences is essential to becoming enlightened.

Time, considered by quantum physicists to be the fourth dimension along with length, width and height, is inseparable from the infinite vastness of space, considered to be the fifth dimension and consciousness and thus, existence. It is a perpendicular slice in a horizontal continuum that represents memory (the past) and imagination (the future) in our minds. It is a dimension, and when integrated into the consciousness and wellness model, allows one to transcend the middle and lower worlds. It is the facilitator of access to inner dimensions readily achieved by many in dream states, hypnosis, prayer, meditation and "related practices," severe stress, near death, mystical and shamanic experiences and other altered states. This allows access to higher worlds, and along with it comes answers to some of our most troubling issues.

Principles of metaphysics and spirituality and their relationship to issues of health and wellness can be traced back to the beginning of civilizations. It is our endeavor to research and investigate these concepts, using all the tools modern technology has to offer, which utilize the universal wisdom of each, and integrate these into our ever -expanding general wellness equation.