The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences is excited to offer a 16 month dual degree in health and spiritual sciences.

This program includes full training in the Alliance of Divine Love's interfaith ministerial program and our "Certified Wellness Counselor: Master's degree program.

This dual degree program has been designed to help student earn while they learn.

Hi, I’m Rev. Dr. Enzo Aliotta,

I have been a student of the UHSS since its humble beginning in 2007. As a Professor of this prestigious University, I am excited to announce our new dual degree program.

This program allows a student to earn both a Spiritual Arts and Master's Degree simultaneously.

One of the greatest benefits is that students will be able to earn while they learn.

This program is ideal for those interested in hands on healing, mind, body and spiritual counseling, life coaching, mentoring and teaching.

These rewarding degree's provide a pathway for anyone interested in a health and spiritually based career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Spiritual- Scientific research a cornerstone of our institution?

Since we are a spiritual scientific research institution, we emphasize the point that the study of practices, traditions and issues related to the spiritual dimension can be just as systematic and logical as that of the purely physical world. They are quantifiable and with the right training, reputable. It has been estimated by many highly evolved sages that up to 80% of all root problems in life are a result of disruption of a person’s spiritual foundation; therefore, spiritual based solutions are essential to their elimination. Spiritual scientific research is the means to this end. Without it, humanity will be stuck in the dark ages of ignorance. Spiritual-scientific research has significant advantages over traditional “scientific” research. Since there is a Divine foundation guiding the utilization and development of sacred tools, ego is reduced (i.e. “I invented” or “I discovered” something or another), hence, answers come from the Divine, in a manner most spiritually beneficial to humankind. Our talents are more effectively utilized, since all outcomes are sought for the Highest Good. Time and money is also saved since on our journey intuitional tools are developed and, of course, harmful research is avoided. Violation of personal information and data is avoided since the research is conducted in line with the principles of Divine Wisdom and for the Highest Good. In traditional scientific and medical research, confidentiality and data is an extremely delicate issue and we see violation taking place on a daily basis despite rules and regulations which have been created to purportedly safeguard. Even the sacred Hippocratic Oath is induced and coerced to be violated by third parties on an ongoing basis.

As a graduate of the UHSS™, we will be functioning in the capacity of conducting research in the health and spiritual sciences field and using the findings for the betterment of humanity.

Are my courses easily available?

Yes, you will have 24/7 access to all of the content and material offered in our dual degree program.

Can I earn my degree completely online?

Yes, we offer a 100% online Spiritual Arts and Master's degree program.