Welcome to the Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Doctorate™️ Program at the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences™️.

In this full program a student will have full entrance to the UHSS™️ Spiritual Arts Counseling program, Masters in Health Sciences and the NSMD™️ program.

Students will have access to live and remote learning as well as rotations through our affiliated Center for Healing clinic.

Doctorate of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine 

My Name is Rev. Dr. Bill Akpinar. I have been involved in the field of healing for over 30 years. Having the blessings and opportunity to be a researcher, teacher and mentor to many in the fields of allopathic, eastern, naturopathic and spiritual medicine and other forms of healing and research has given me the insight needed to create the most unique model of healing for the future, Doctorate of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine (NSMD). One which will stand the test of time.

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